Ten Tips for Better Sex

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It’s a fact that men who regularly engage in weight training effectively boost their overall health, bone and muscle density, and testosterone levels. Resistance exercise, 3-5 times per week, for 30-45 minute sessions, stimulates a man’s (natural) anabolic/androgenic metabolism, which is chiefly fueled by testosterone. Testosterone plays an essential role in libido, erection, penile sensitivity and overall sexual performance. The more muscle a man has the more testosterone his body is likely to produce to nourish and maintain that muscle.

Quit smoking

For smokers, quitting might be one of the most effective ways to improve sexual health. Quitting will greatly increase circulation, sending more blood to the penis and leading to fuller erections.

Chow down

Protein contains nutritional constituents called amino acids. These are the microscopic power sources that are essential for building muscle, strengthening the cardiovascular and nervous systems, boosting immunity, and nourishing a man’s sexual reproductive system, to name a few. Eggs, chicken, turkey, fish and lean red meats are some excellent choices to add to your meals. Combined with resistance exercise, the libido-boosting sex-enhancing benefits from a diet rich in high-quality proteins are impressive.

Trim the fat

For overweight people, losing a couple of pounds can definitely give you a boost in the bedroom. In addition to making you look better, when men lose excess fat they’re likely to concurrently produce more testosterone and less estrogen. One of my sayings is “Estrogen loves fat, testosterone loves muscle level”. The more muscle a man has the more testosterone he’s likely to manufacturer.

No rules

Many guys march into the bedroom with specific rules of engagement, previous ‘best’ performances to exceed, or the mere intention to prove they’re the best man their partner has ever had. Especially for the aging male, that mindset can instigate severe anxiety forcing the man to tap-out long before he can ever make-out. Anxiety has been shown to be highly responsible for crippling sexual performances. Take it easy, calm down, scrap the rules book, and remember that many women love a man who ‘takes his time’. According to many sexperts, taking it slow enables a man to fully enjoy every second they’re lucky enough to be in a lovemaking experience.

Bottom’s down

Excess alcohol consumption will cause side effects. Reducing your alcohol consumption prior to sex is a great way to insure liquor will not interfere with your performance.

Spice it up

To prevent your sex life from becoming dull and containing less excitement, it is vital that you spice things up from time to time; change is a good thing!

• Pop in a movie
If you’re in a relationship, consider watching an adult video together. If something turns you on while you are watching this, let your partner know!
• Heat it up
Heat up the moment with some foreplay. Foreplay is fun, sexy and will increase intimacy.
• Try new positions
It is so easy for people to become comfortable with one position. It may feel good but you are playing it safe! New positions lead to different sensations, views and lead to a entirely new sexual experiences.
• Use your words
We all respond to words, especially when we hear our name. Try saying things you’ve never said while having sex- something provocative, sexy, or loving. This will turn the both of you on.
• A quickie is a good thing
Don’t just save time for intercourse when you are ready to go to bed for a marathon love-making session. Having a spontaneous and quick sex session will add a touch of thrill to your life, relieve a lot of stress, and create a different bonding experience with your lover.
• Compliments go a long way
What does a compliment do? It makes a person feel good and feel sexy. A compliment boosts a person’s confidence and can put them in a better mood. Telling your partner they look nice, smell great, have a nice smile and beautiful eyes, will get them even more committed to looking terrific just for you, and incentivizing them to please you to their best ability!
Kegel exercise

Men want to do Kegel exercises for very important reasons. Men’s PC muscles can help control the flow of urine and semen. It is important to keep these muscles strong because they also control the firmness of the penis during an erection and the shooting power of ejaculation. The best part about Kegels is that you can perform them anytime or anywhere. When you are urinating, stop midstream for 5 sec to strengthen the PC muscles. By having more control over your erections and orgasms, you will enjoy sex much better.

Get a good night sleep

According to a National Sleep Foundation Poll, 25% of respondents complained their sex life had suffered due to their sleeplessness. When we are tired we have less energy for everything, even the most important things.  So make sure you are getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep each a night!

Control Stress

Being stressed out is physically and emotionally draining. So much so that it can lower your sex drive because it is so exhausting and consuming.  It is extremely important to control your stress so it does not take over your life and jeopardize your sexual performances.

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